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Ever fancy arriving at your destination in style? In a private jet perhaps?

Providing the ultimate travel experience


The advantages of flying on a private plane are convenience and efficiency.

There are no check-in queues, connections, baggage handling or delays which can normally take all the pleasure out of flying.

Whether for business or pleasure, private air charter offers true value when it really matters.
You can generally depart from smaller fields and avoid traffic typically found at large commercial airports.

Flying private also saves you the stress and frustration of going through security lines.

Kuala Lumpur Aircraft Hourly Rental Prices By Jet Category

Average Hourly Rates
Very Light Jets (VLJ)
$2,000/hr up to $2,350/hr
Light Jets
$2,200/hr up to $2,500/hr
Midsize Jets
$2,800/hr up to $3,400/hr
Super Midsize Jets
$3,800/hr up to $4,500/hr
Large Jets
$4,500/hr up to $8,000/hr
VIP Airliners
$8,000/hr up to $12,000/hr
$1,200/hr up to $1,600/hr
Turboprop Airliners
$2,500/hr up to $3,400/hr
Long Range Airliners
$9,000/hr up to $15,000/hr
$900/hr up to $5,000/hr

*prices are approximate only

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It's a luxury seen by some but to those who rely on the services of corporate jets, it's a time and even a cost saver.

One Malaysian corporate boss recently visited five cities in China over a span of less than 24 hours. He remarked that this would not have been possible if he did not have the services of a private jet.

“We saved time. We were airborne within 40 minutes from reaching the airport. We couldn't have done this if we flew commercial,” says the chief executive who requested anonymity.

His story is echoed by others too. Another renowned Malaysian corporate chief needed to close a deal in Macau. He chartered a corporate jet to meet his business associate. Minutes after being greeted by his Macau business partner, the deal was signed. He felt that his gleaming chrome jet helped seal the deal.

For a business person, time is of the essence. Saving a day could be the difference between winning or losing a deal.

“When you have a jet, it puts you on a different echelon. It becomes a business tool. You sign the deal faster. Don't think about the US$50,000 that you are paying for using the jet. You are using the jet to secure a US$50mil (RM155mil) deal. What is the US$50,000 compared with the US$50mil deal?” says DNest Aviation Services Sdn Bhd founder and chief executive officer Capt Earnest K.

In today's world, reaching a destination with the fastest possible time is paramount for any business owner. That is where corporate jets and business carriers fill an increasingly important need.

Beechcraft International Services Co president and CEO Shawn Vick feels the aircraft charter market is starting to grow in Asia Pacific.

“Business owners recognise the value of a private aircraft as a tool for growth. With a private aircraft, there is no need to be on anyone's schedule. This also gives flexibility to a business owner who needs to make multiple stops in a day. Having a private aircraft gives privacy and convenience,” says Vick.

Cost isn't that high

Vick says that it was another misconception that flying privately was more costly. Citing an example of the usage of the Beechcraft King Air 350i turboprop, the average hourly cost was US$1,100 per hour.

If that were to be multiplied by the eight passengers fitted into the plane, that would work out to US$137.50 per hour, which was very cost effective, notwithstanding that one had flexibility to make as many stops during that trip.


As commercial air travel gets more vexing and vacation itineraries more ambitious, a growing number of leisure travellers are turning to private jets.

Typical travellers are groups travelling together, special occasion users, luxury family travel, and pet owners.

The options for going private range from booking a group tour that relies on private jets as the primary mode of transportation, to chartering your own plane for hard-to-reach stops on an itinerary to going private the whole way. It’s the stuff of dreams for coach travellers curled up in the fetal position: being whisked through customs and immigration to special boarding areas; on-board chefs who cater to culinary whims; and capacious leather seats.

Executives accustomed to private jet travel for work naturally gravitate to it for vacations too.

For some, a private jet vacation is a once in a lifetime splurge.

Too rich for your taste? Several companies offer somewhat more affordable group private jet tours.

Participants include not only wealthy regulars, but more ordinary folks who want to splurge on a bucket list trip of a lifetime.


So maybe I should include this in my bucket list?

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